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Privlaka is a #Croatian holiday destination located on a peninsula west of town Zadar, and the old center of Privlaka is facing island #Vir.

#Privlaka is an oasis of shallow and long sandy beaches, away from traffic and industry.
Shallow water in the enclosed bay has a higher temperature than the open sea for 2-3 grade, and increased salinity, and with thus, the air quality is also increased.
The beach is sandy and ideal for families with small children.

For those who are eager for active #vacation can enjoy in #windsurfing, #Kitesurfing and #scuba-#diving. On the beach there is a restaurant, coffee bar and sports facilities.
Near Sabunike is healing mud that helps people with rheumatic pains.

Near Privlaka are the most beautiful national parks: Kornati, Paklenica, Plitvice, Krka lake Vrana and river Zrmanja, and the cities #Zadar, #Biograd and #Nin, which makes Privlaka an excellent location for a relaxing #holiday.

Accommodation for your #summerholiday or vacation in Privlaka can find at private renters in #apartments, #rooms, villas, #houses, #villas with pools..

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Martinišćica is a newer tourist destination on the #island of #Cres in Croatia, located in a beautiful bay surrounded by long sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.
Thanks to the unspoiled nature and beautiful beaches, Martinišćica once a small fishing village turned into a desirable tourist destination.

In Martinščica there are two #campsites, #restaurants with excellent cuisine, shops and everything need for a pleasant #vacation.
Quality accommodation except in the camps and #resorts in the area, is offered in private rooms, apartments and in #holiday houses.

Tourist resorts that surround #Martiniscica are Miholašica, Ustrina and Vidović.
Miholašćica is picturesque and beautifully arranged village situated on the gentlest part of the Cres coast, with a large bay opened towards southwest.

Today Miholascica is a tourist destination where you will avoid the crowds of mass tourism and enjoy your holiday in peaceful surroundings.
In addition to beautiful beaches, Miholascica offers possibilities for active vacation and relaxation in unspoilt surroundings
Quality #accommodation in #Miholašćica can be found in private #apartments, #rooms and #houses for rent.

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Starigrad Paklenica is a tourist center of the Paklenica Riviera located in the northwestern part of the Zadar region, stretching 20 km along the Velebit canal at the foot of the Velebit mountain.
Municipality Starigrad consists of three villages: Starigrad Paklenica which is the center of the municipality and villages Seline and Tribanj

Starigrad Paklenica is an ideal destination for a family vacation as well as for all those who want an active vacation.
Kilometers of long pebble beaches fringed with forests of beech and pine providing swimmers natural shade are suitable for families with small children, and in the village there are tennis courts, sports fields and equipment for water sports.
The unique karst relief of Paklenica, with numerous caves offer opportunities to practice free climbing and mountaineering.

The village has a shop, post office, ATM, bars and restaurants with a range of traditional Dalmatian cuisine and high quality wines.

Riviera Paklenica is an ideal destination for those who like active holidays.
The vicinity of five National Parks: #Paklenica, Kornati, Krka, Plitvice Lakes and Northern Velebit offer the possibility of organized day trips and sports activities like free climbing, hiking, walking and bicycle rental, as well as visits to nearby islands

If #StarigradPaklenica is your #Croatia #holiday #destination, you can find #accommodation in small family #hotels and boarding #houses, apartments, rooms for rent and #campsites.
In the smaller surrounding villages like #Seline and Tribanj, you can find accommodation in private #apartments, #rooms and small family #boardinghouses

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Beach Saharun (or Sakarun) is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast, located only about 10 minutes stroll from the center of small village Soline, which is also the nearest village on the island to this beach

Beach Saharun is a sandy cove of 400 m, where depth of the sea not exceeds more than 1m - 1.5 m and in the sea is unusual golden sand. On the beach there is a bar for daily refreshments

If for your holiday destination you choose Soline, you can find #accommodation at the householders in private #apartments, #rooms or #houses for #rent.
On #Island #Dugi #Otok accommodation is offered in several #hotels, private #boardinghouses, #camps, and certainly in private apartments, rooms and villas.

Dugi Otok (the long island) is one of the most beautiful island in Dalmatia and is populated by 12 villages.
The island owes its name to its peculiar stretched shape - about 45 km of length and 5 km of width.
It is the shape of the island, which enables an unforgettable experience and a spectacular view

Full of amazing bays and beaches, it offers a nice relaxing and quiet holiday.
It is possible to explore the island by car or by boat, and practice #diving, #snorkeling, #sailing and #fishing.
Also available for rent are small boats, scooters, canoes, paddle-boats, bicycles.

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Pirovac is a small picturesque dalmatian village, situated in the westernmost part of the #Sibenik Riviera and with Primosten, Vodice and Murter is the most important tourist destinations of Sibenik-Knin County

Pirovac has a mild Mediterranean climate, indented coastline with many sandy beaches and coves
Pirovac Bay is known for its warm waters. Due to the mild sea currents the sea temperature in the Gulf is about 4 ° C above the average temperature of the Adriatic Sea

The beautiful pebble beaches with crystal clear water can be found in bays Sitnica, Vrulje, Vrilo and Makirina
Bay Makirina particularly is attractive because of sites with curative mud, and near the bay Vrulje is islet Sustipanac - the island of love

Beaches fringed by pine trees, ancient olive groves, crystal clear and warm sea with a beautiful sunsets are unique delights and experiences for all visitors of Pirovac

From #Pirovac are possible organized or individual excursions to nearby national parks Kornati and Krka, Nature Park Lake Vrana, as well as visits to tourist centers Sibenik, Zadar, Trogir and Split, with whom Pirovac is connected via The Adriatic Highway (Croatian: Jadranska magistrala)

In Pirovac quality accommodation is offered in private #apartments, #rooms, #campsites and in one #hotel - tourist complex

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Vrbnik is a small town and holiday destination located on the eastern coast of the island Krk #Croatia, Vrbnik is located at almost 50 meters height cliff.

Thanks to the Glagolitic heritage, Vrbnik is one of the most popular Croatian tourist destinations.
With its rich history, Vrbnik is also known as the cradle of Croatian literacy and certainly one of the oldest settlements on the island.

In Vrbnik dominate the narrow streets, and right here is the narrowest street in the world.
The beaches are pebbly and the sea is crystal clear.

Risika is a small, picturesque village located six kilometers from Vrbnik and 25 km from the Krk bridge. Risika is ideal destination for those seeking tranquility and a touch of nature.
The best way to experience the unspoiled natural beauty that surrounds Risika, scents of aromatic herbs as well as the smell of the sea is with a stroll along marked trails to nearby hidden coves, Frankopan castle Gradec, vineyards in Vrbnička field, sources of drinking water Rovoznik ..

The #accommodation offer in #Vrbnik (#island #Krk) is mostly in private #apartments, #rooms, #villas and some in the #hotels where besides tasting local specialties you can enjoy the natural beauty that Vrbnik as a #tourist #destination offers.

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Petrčane is a picturesque holiday destination situated between towns #Zadar and #Nin, on North part of #Dalmatia in Croatia

#Petrcane adorned a 2 km long pebble and rocky beaches surrounded by pine trees, which gives the ability to relax surrounded with tranquility and to enjoy in crystal clear sea waters or enjoying in local specialties in restaurants and taverns.
For fans of active #holidays Petrcane offer all various water sports, from scuba-diving to #sailing

The vicinity of tourist towns Zadar and Nin, National Parks #Paklenica and #Kornati, as well as the Nature park Vrana lake offer the possibility of day trips and excursions. From Petrcane are organized sightseeing by boats to the neighboring islands of the Zadar Archipelago.

In Petrcane there are grocery stores, post office, ATMs, restaurants with traditional Dalmatian cuisine, coffee bars ..
Quality #accommodation in Petrcane for your holidays in Croatia can be found in small #hotels, as well as in private #apartments, #rooms for rent, #houses, #villas …

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Town Pag is the tourist, cultural and administrative center of the island Pag, dating from the 15th century.
Town Pag is the work of Renaissance architect Juraj Dalmatinac and is one of the few well-preserved medieval cities.
Among the many attractions, especially we should point out the uniqueness of Pag lace that is the trademark of the island of Pag.

In Pag, as well as on the island you can sunbathe and enjoy one of the many beautiful beaches, hidden coves, secluded beaches or taste Pag delicacies in local restaurants and taverns

Accommodation for your stay, #vacation or #summer #holiday in town #Pag, can be found in one of the many #hotels or in private #accommodation at holiday #houses, #rooms for rent, #apartments and #villas

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Sveta Nedelja (Holy Sunday in English) is a small picturesque village situated beneath peak St. Nicholas, the highest peak on the island Hvar Croatia, on the south side of the island, 12 km east of the town of Hvar.

Thanks to the perfect geographical location and climatic conditions, Sveta Nedlja is surrounded by vineyards, and the most popular sort is Plavac mali.
From this grape sorts is produced a wine Plavac mali, the best wine on the #island #Hvar and one of the best Croatian red wines.

Below Sveta Nedelja is a beautiful pebble and rocky beach with a cave, which according to the found remains have been inhabited in the Neolithic Age.
Around the village there are several pebble beaches and small bays.
Here, besides swimming and sunbathing, you can enjoy free climbing, recreational hiking, sailing, windsurfing and fishing ..
From Sveta Nedelja there are a taxi boats to the nearby island of Šćedro where is a naturist beach.

The village has one shop and several restaurants, #accommodation is offer in private #apartments and #rooms for rent. Sveta Nedelja, #Hvar is an ideal destination for those who want a relaxing holiday in #Croatia in an unspoilt nature and clear sea

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Island Murter is located in North #Dalmatia, and is the largest and closest island in the #Sibenik area.
Island Murter with the mainland is connected by a bridge in the place Tisno. It is a drawbridge length of 12 meters, and with 6 kilometers paved road island is connected to the D8 Jadranska magistrala (Adriatic Highway)

Greater part of Murter is covered with ancient olive trees and fig trees, which are the main traditional cultures, in more recently, thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate with long, warm summers and short and mild winters, crystal clear sea waters and beautiful beaches on the island Murter is developing tourism .

On #island #Murter are only 4 settlements Betina, Tisno, Jezera and Murter, which is also the largest and oldest settlement on the island.

Murter is a settlement on the island, 30 km from #Sibenik. Murter in its system has more than 170 islands and islets, and beautiful sandy beaches.
Place Murter has sports facilities (soccer, tennis, basketball), and crystal clear sea besides swimming also offers opportunities for water sports: sailing, jet-skiing, scuba diving, diving …

From Murter are organized numerous day trips to interesting destinations in the vicinity: national parks Kornati, Paklenica and Krka, nature parks lake Telašćica and Vrana lake, as well as to the cities of Zadar, Sibenik and Split.
For lovers of peace and sports fishing we recommend trips to Kornati, and the fishermen’s houses.
Murter has one marina.

Murter has a wide range of restaurants and taverns where you can taste traditional Dalmatian cuisine and high-quality Croatian wines.

Nice and beautiful beaches, warm, crystal clear sea waters, make the island Murter an ideal destination for family vacations, boaters and all who want quiet and peaceful holiday vacation.

Accommodation for your #holiday, #vacation or stay on #Murter, #Croatia can be found in comfortable #hotels or at private renters as accommodation in #apartments, #rooms, #houses, #villas, holiday house.

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